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Designsurf was founded in 2010 to build a team of class A surfacing experts at the highest quality level. We model cars, ships and consumer products, provide feasibility study of a design and offer project management.

Our team consists of engineers, designers and modelers and we educate strakers by doing strak as there is no school to learn it.

We work at the beginning of product development process, after first design ideas are fixed, until prototype is finished. We help your product to achieve outstanding surface quality.


“Handmade is Our mission, high-end surfaced products Our vision”


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Class A surfacing of exterior and interior
parametric structures (grilles) on freeform surfaces
project coordination
design assistance

Process development

we create a product schedule implementing strak as project manager into the product development process by considering the needs of engineering, manufacturing and styling to build Class A surfaced products

Consumer products

Class A surfacing
parametric structures on free-form objects
project coordination

Digital tool design

tools for automatic rounding of corners on free-form objects
tools for structures based on free-form surfaces like grilles with comboptic
tools for smoothing rough surfaces

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