Help Us reach new heights

You have 3 or more years of experience in surface modelling in automotive sector.

Ideally You also have leadership experience and You have been responsible for managing the whole projects.


Your individual path

You are already ready so here is what You can expect after joining our team.


As an expert You have rich experience in ICEM Surf or Autodesk Alias Class A surfacing, preferably in automotive sector. You are ready to be part of our team.


Join Our Team today!

Get familiar with Our Team and Our working process.This short introduction will allowed You to proceed faster with more advance topics.


Join Our Team today!

With time You will be responsible for the most important projects on a position of a team leader or as an individual having the projects entirely done by Yourself.


We are waiting for You!

You could be responsible for creating new division of our team.


Let's build the future together!

We will be honored to welcome You in our team!

We know You have come a long way and You have a lot to offer, that is why we are even more honored that You are considering joining Our team.


Send us a mail and let's talk!

Building great things takes time

We are still a young company with a lot of room for growth. Although we will continue to improve and evolve Our strak division, we are keen on expanding other areas of Our services.

And here we count on You! If You have the right skills and experience You might get the opportunity to build a completely new division of Our Team from the ground up!


Let's do more, together.