Miele T1

The new dryer series Miele T1 (together with washer series Miele W1) was the first product group developed using the new Miele product development process (see process development).

It is a product family of different geometries of the front-end and control panel caused by variation in combination of location (like next to washer, on top, under desk, e.g.) To get the most precise and high class product the needs and restraints of all departments were questioned and better solutions were found.

The job of strak was to translate the needs of all departments and finding new solutions as well as doing the surfacing work by creating the 3D model. This resulted in a product with more precision in assembly, harmony in gap-graphic and shape of the surfaces.

The Miele W1/T1 series is already available on the market and is a success thanks to the much more effective development process.