Our Services


Class A surfacing of exterior and interior
parametric structures (grilles) on freeform surfaces
project coordination
design assistance

Process development

we create a product schedule implementing strak as project manager into the product development process by considering the needs of engineering, manufacturing and styling to build Class A surfaced products

Consumer products

Class A surfacing
parametric structures on free-form objects
project coordination

Digital tool design

tools for automatic rounding of corners on free-form objects
tools for structures based on free-form surfaces like grilles with comboptic
tools for smoothing rough surfaces

We offer complete range of services, from the first idea to the final product.
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We are experts in Strak.

We understand the styling

we transform sketches and shapes into 3D surfaces

we translate the styling idea into a feasible product

We understand the engineering

we know about technical requirements like tooling, colouring and assembling

We understand project management needs

we discuss regularly all the proposals of styling and engineering to fulfill the schedule in time

What is strak?

Strak was invented in ship and aircraft construction to build harmonically shaped and aerodynamic bodies.

The strak of a car describes all visible surfaces of interior and exterior considering all aesthetically styling aspects and technical requirements. In automotive industry strak is an well-established part in the product development process, because strak brings together the needs of all departments in this process and translates this into a 3D Class A model.

There are three main tasks for the straker to do:

  • transform a finished styling idea (scan, 3D design model) under consideration of all technical requirements (of engineering, assembling, production, laws, ...) into a Class A surfaced production ready car.
  • improvement of a technical-functional object with focus on aesthetical and optical aspects
  • translate a 2D styling idea (sketch, e.g.) into a 3D CAD model
Example 1

Improvement of technical surfaces by changing the crowning of the surfaces and change technical fillets into curvature fillets.

Example 2

Improvement of gap principle by optimizing of flush condition and gap sizes and changing into curvature fillets.

Example 3

Improvement of gap graphic by changing the crowning of the main curves and give the radius a curvature connection.