Formula Student Sponsorship

Formula Student is one of the best student competitions in the world, engaging hundreds of students in designing, building and competing with a single seater race car.

Designsurf acknowledges the goal of Formula Student and is excited to support selected teams in completing their projects.

“We want to help develop exceptional engineers and designers that will create transportation of the future”

For more information visit Formula Student Germany Official website

Find out how we can help you

SiD shidhartha-de © Formula Student Germany

Our Support

Financial support

Usually possible from 2nd season of sponsorship

Career opportunities

Job and internship offers for selected students


Training in creating better surfaces in Autodesk Alias or ICEM Surf, as well as rendering in Autodesk VRED


Dedicated support from our expert in Class A surfacing

Helping you succeed

Part of our team was recruited through Formula Student so we understand the struggles you go through. Based on that we can focus on your car's body, especially:

  • improving your surface modeling skills
  • helping you learn Class A surfacing (Autodesk Alias, ICEM Surf and additionally Autodesk VRED for rendering)
  • improving your product development proces
  • bringing your design to the next level

Team members interested in pursuing this objectives will have an opportunity to be placed in a custom development program that will be based on your Formula Student project.

Sponsorship application

Designsurf GmbH is glad to sponsor teams who strive not only for technical excellence but additionally care for aesthetic aspect of their cars. We especially look forward to work closely with students who want to improve their surface modelling skills and want to choose this profession  in the future.

If that are your teams interests please send us your application with following information:

  • Your goals for the season and future
  • How would working with Designsurf as a sponsor help you achieve your goals
  • What modeling software are you using at the moment (how would you rate your skills)
  • Sponsorship offer

For sponsorship inquiries and question contact Mr Aleksander Bilewski at:

Daniel Sturm © Formula Student Germany