We are DesignSurf

Designsurf was founded in 2010 as a team of Class A surfacing experts capable of delivering outstanding level of quality. We focus on finding the limits of combining design and engineering. We achieve our goals by defining the details that matter.

Class A Surfacing Neon concept

Bespoke approach

We help bring the highest automotive standards to your unique process and commit to achieve full potential of your products.

Tisax® Certified

TISAX® certification is a proof of information security for even the most confidential projects. We make every necessary step to secure handling and exchange of data.

Designed in Germany

German spirit of precision, quality and innovation is reflected in all the projects we are working on.

VW Supplier

We support the leaders and help them create the best products. You can expect the same level of dedication for your projects.

Automotive Quality

We are able to provide highest automotive level quality for the most complex projects.

Our Clients

Defining right Goals Defining right Details Defining right Questions

We develop a plan that works for you.

We help your products reach 100 % of their true potential.

We shape the future by defining the right details.