We can help your products reach

100% of their true potential


Our key competencies where developed in the Automotive sector, where we continue to help the best become better. We provide the highest automotive quality services pushing the limits of what is possible.

Class A Surfacing

Creation of complex surfaces of the highest quality, aesthetically pleasing and technically correct.

Parametric Design

Creation of complex repeating structures and patterns with Bézier surfaces, ready for further development


Photo realistic visualizations of your products perfect for marketing purposes and internal reviews.  

Project coordination

Making sure all departments work properly and effectively on even the most complex products delivering automotive level quality on time. 

Concept design

Quick conversion of sketches, scan data and other design or technical inputs into well structured 3D surfaces.

Speaker covers

Development of unique styles with any patterns and technically correct surfaces that are easy to work with.

Architecture & Environments

Full CGI scene design for immersive and unique representation of your vision.

Design assistance

Consultation to find the best compromise in the combination of design and technology.

Polygon modeling

Quickly generated representation of the design idea.

Freeform Surfaces

Generation of complex parametric structures on defined surfaces in a short time.


360°product presentation, display of product functionality and entire advertisements. 

Process Development

Develop optimized processes that address design, engineering and manufacturing requirements to produce Class A products.

Digital Modeling / Strak

We are experts in creating Class A surfaces, which are the sign of highest quality in the Automotive sector. We offer support in each phase of development, from the first concepts through digital model iterations until the final production data. Always finding the right compromise in integrating design and engineering.

We can deliver automotive level of quality to your products.

Product Design, CAS, Polygon Modeling, Prototyping, Interior/Exterior, Class A Surfacing.


We create a product plan that incorporates the Strak philosophy into the product development process by considering design, engineering and manufacturing requirements to produce products with Class-A surfaces.

  • Design Consulting
  • Process development
  • Project planning
  • Project Coordination


Strak Proces

Parametric Design

Whether it is a complex pattern on a surface or a detailed 3D structure of a grill, we are always able to deliver excellent quality. We specialize in creating not only meshes, but also Bézier surfaces that can be used in the next stages of development. This saves us time and we do not compromise on quality.

Parametric design, speaker covers, patterns on freeform surfaces.


Good products deserve great presentation. In all CGI projects, we place great emphasis on capturing and highlighting the essence of the product. Choosing the right scene, lighting and materials makes all the difference in how products are perceived by customers.

Full CGI, custom environments, architectural visualizations, 360° views, promotional videos.