We will help you

Develop your vision

You have an idea or sketch that you would like to develop into a finished product.

Manage your process

You would like to push the limits of what is possible within your development process.

Perfect your quality

You have already developed a 3D model and you would like to increase aesthetics and optical quality.


We help your products reach 100 % of their true potential.

We shape the future by defining the right details.

We are
DesignSurf Designers Strakers Experts

Designsurf was founded in 2010 as a team of Class A surfacing experts capable of delivering outstanding level of quality. We focus on finding the limits of combining design and engineering. We achieve your goals by defining the details that matter.

“The details are not the details.

They make the design.”

Charles Eames

Maintaining the design

Every technical requirement can drastically change the design. Our aim is to find the best compromise to combine both. Aligning all requirements and goals leads to discovering new possibilities to increase the quality. Pushing the limits of what is possible.


Value in Simplicity


We offer a range of services to suport your compleate process, starting from the first concept idea to the final production model and marketing.

Digital modeling

• class A Surfacing
• polygon modeling
• concept design/styling


• photorealistic images
• custom 3D enviroments
• product rendering
• animations


• grills
• structures on
freeform surfaces
• speaker covers


• design consulting
• process development
• project planning
• project coordination

The last 1% can make 99% difference.

Can you afford leaving the 1% behind?